“100% WILD EXMOOR VENISON” (Fallow or Red Deer)….

Product Information

A brief description of the varied range of high quality hand made foods now available from the British Biltong Company. Seasonal specials can include Venison and other Game Tong – please check back for availability.

The British Biltong Company produces a growing range of delicious high quality food products. Here is a list of what we currently have in production. If you would like to be kept up to date on our latest products and news, please fill in the form on our Contacts page, or when placing your next order.

Original Biltong

Biltong in Afrikaans means “back strip” meaning the back strip of meat on the Kudo or impala, springbok (all South African venison). Biltong was first made by Dutch settlers to South Africa as a way of preserving their meat going back over 300 years, hung in trees to dry, all though the indigenous people in Africa would have dried their meat in a similar way.  Biltong is very much a South African style of preserving meat in taste, texture and spices.

British Biltong Company is pleased to offer our Traditional Biltong made with South African imported Spice. We use the best of local silverside beef and only the eye of the silverside or salmon fillet as its known in the trade. Marinated for 2 days with traditional imported Biltong spice in a secret marinade , only distilled malt vinegar is used, then put in our dryers until ready. This can be made to your taste, just choose your bespoke choice from the options available. We package in vacuum sealed bags for whole slabs so they won’t dry out, ( we recommend leaving to stand for a little while once opened) , if you can wait!, or in perforated sleeves. Wet Biltong in sealed bags wont have a long life, so just eat wet Biltong, don’t keep for too long, if you would like in paper bags just add to comment box “in paper”, but it wont have the same shelf life as the plastic bags.

Our sliced  Biltong is sent in 100g sealed bags to the weight ordered. I have been making and selling Biltong to the public  for  many  years from  across London back in the early 1980s to Exmoor now…  “do it right or don’t do it”!! that’s my motto!

British Biltong Company uses only West Country silverside beef. We buy our beef from Jaspers Launceston Cornwall, Stillmans of Taunton, Somerset. As well as Meat supplied from M&J Meats of Taunton, Somerset Quality British Meats.

Hot-Tong Biltong

Hot Tong, ”hot  strip” in Afrikanns”, our original S.A spiced Biltong with a taste piri piri a blend of  African piri piri chilli and garlic, lemon and mixed herbs with spice to make a great tasting spicy Biltong. Sold in hot or extra hot, if you want “hotter”! just ask in the comment box for “extra extra hot” (this would be a special order).

Made from the best local silverside beef and only the salmon fillet or eye of the silverside. Marinated for two days in the walk inn { we only use distilled malt free vinegar}  then put in our dryers until ready. If you like spicy Biltong then look no further. choose from our bespoke choices  for the texture you like. Sold in 100g sealed bags or perforated sleeves. sliced or whole slab.  This Biltong is a best seller in the bars and pubs, great with a beer or cider and a winner at beer festivals too. ” I say to bar/pub owners if you want to sell beer find a  spicy good quality snack!

Natural Artisan Spiced Biltong

British Biltong Company offers its own Artisan spice for an all natural Biltong made with West Country silverside beef , salmon fillet only or eye of the cut. This is our own spice recipe with coriander, black pepper, rock salt and mixed spice, with no chemicals, e-numbers or nitrates. We blend our own spice mix with toasted hand ground spice; and we use distilled vinegar (malt free). Marinated for two days, then put in our dryers until ready, choose how you like it for a bespoke natural Biltong from the shopping cart. this style has more coriander spice on finished Biltong.

Available in 5 or 10 x 100g bags or in whole slabs for cutting yourself.

Baby Biltong (Low Salt)

The British Biltong company are pleased to offer our new “baby Biltong”. Original artisan spiced Biltong (low salt), ideal for teething babies or customers who prefer a low salt option. In South Africa it is common to give teething babies Biltong to chew as their teeth are coming though. Simply order the whole slab for babies. Give it a try as it’s so much better for your baby than a dummy addiction. This product is produced using our artisan natural spiced Biltong which contains low salt and malt free vinegar.

This item is hand- made to order. We are the only Biltong producer who currently offers this style of Biltong sold in 100g slabs or 100g sealed bags.

Jamaican Jerk Spice Biltong

Jamaican Jerk Spice Biltong is made with the best imported jerk spice from Kingston, Jamaica. A blend of 14 herbs and spices. we blend the spice to a dust so that it  covers the meat without all falling off. It contains dried all spice and berries in the imported blend. We are the first company to produce and sell this online.

The British Biltong Company offers a spicy traditional jerk blend for an authentic Caribbean flavour to go with your Biltong. We’re proud to be the first company to offer a jerk spiced Biltong online. Yet another great Biltong to enjoy with a beer, a real favourite with the pubs and bars. We marinade the West Country silver side beef (using malt free vinegar) for two days and then place in our dryers until ready, This product is a best seller, beer and Biltong “what’s not to like”!

Sold in 100g sealed bags or in whole slabs to cut yourself.

Wild Exmoor Venison Biltong (Game)

Biltong means “back strip” in Afrikaans meaning the back strip of a Springbok or any Anterlope, hung in trees to dry. The British Biltong company is pleased to offer our amazing Exmoor Venison Biltong. This is truly special for the lover of Biltong and is probably the closest to what Biltong was originally like for the people who first created it. Made with Kudo, impala or any wild meat. We use the best imported Biltong spice – a traditional recipe for this kind of Biltong.

Wild Exmoor Venison Biltong is probably as close to what game Biltong was originally created to taste like. I have personally tried frozen Kudo, Impala and Springbok from South Africa to make into Biltong and I it loses a lot of the game taste in the finished product. It was in no way as good as a properly hung red or fallow deer made into game Biltong. Like all imported game meat, it has been DEEP frozen for too long, and is expensive when made into Biltong although but delicious when produced in South Africa from fresh meat, the real thing.

Wild Exmoor venison Biltong is made with attention to detail in flavouring and seasoning to make a great game Biltong. Some of our venison comes from Combe Sydenham Country Park on Exmoor, only one mile from our Biltong processing room. Also a trusted professional hunters suppling our Seasonal Wild Venison is very lean and quite rich Biltong. A great protein snack before a trip to the Gym. Sold in 100g sealed bags or in whole sticks.

Dried Wors (Droëwors)

Our Droëwors 100% beef, they are free from nitrates, gluten, m.s.g, and all chemicals, probably the only droewors that can make this claim…..We blend our own spices, we do not use  a bought in spice mix. We marinate the sausage, only using malt free vinegar then hand cut into lengths, put in our dryers for a full day , then they are droewors! We offer a traditional, spicy piri piri or garlic flavours. Sold in 100g sleeves {approx}, wrapped twice…  Droewors should be kept in a cool dry place, or will freeze without any problems.

We think our Droëwors will be  your top droewors bought in the UK or your money back !

See our testimonials and our 5 star rating for this product., … Droewors are an air dried chipolata sausage! Droewors means “dried wors or dried sausage”.

Traditional Boerewors (Farmers Sausage)

Famous Boerewors sausage: (FARMERS SAUSAGE) 100% natural. no M.S.G, nitrates or gluten, is a mixture of pork and beef, made into a ring (like a cumberland sausage). The best BBQ sausage or (BRAAI) for the summer cooked on the grill. For a tasty winter dinner. Simply serve with mashed potatoes and onion gravy – delicious! This is an award winning recipe  and probably one of the best you will try. Maybe the only 100% natural boerewors currently available online. It contains a blend of natural spice, not a standard manufactured spice mix with all the added chemicals. Sold in 2 x 500g rings, each 1 kilo in weight. Shipped frozen. Our recommendation is to cook as a regular sausage. Cook and serve.

Traditional or Wild Venison – South African Farmers Sausage recipe has a popular following

Exmoor Wild Game Boerewors

Exmoor Wild Game Boerewors: (FARMERS SAUSAGE) 100% natural, no M.S.G, nitrates or gluten, is a mixture of Wild Venison and fatty Pork made into a ring (like a cumberland sausage). The best BBQ sausage or (BRAAI) for the summer cooked on the grill or BBQ. For a tasty winter dinner. Simply serve with mashed potatoes and onion gravy – delicious! This is an award winning recipe  and probably one of the best you will try. And definitely the only 100% Wild Game Boerewors available online.

South West Beef Jerky

The newest product in the British Biltong Company range, wait until you try our amazing South West Beef Jerky!
You may have tried Jerky in the past, and been put off by the thin, overly dried and fairly tasteless products which seem to be common in Britain today. That is not what we make, or sell. Jerky has a rich history, dating back in time to the Egyptians, the First Nation Tribes, and the Cowboys of the North American Wild West. Originally made as a way of preserving meat in times of no refrigeration, it has now evolved into a terrific source of pure Beef protein, and made properly the way we do it is succulent and flavourful.

Our South West Beef Jerky starts off with the highest quality side of local Silverside Beef from here in the South West. Our secret recipe includes a rich marinade, and a carefully balanced blend of spices and herbs that will be sure to please. Our prepared Beef is then hot air dried at a carefully monitored heat, then offered to you in either Snack Bags, or loose by the 100 grams. It is truly a taste sensation, and one you will never forget.

Traditional London-New York Style Salt Beef

Traditional Salt Beef made with the best south west Silverside Beef not brisket “its amazing, enough fat with out being too fatty like a brisket can be”. Made to an old East London salt beef recipe – Soft and delicious. Our salt beef is sold either sliced or in whole joints; cooked to fall apart or melt in the mouth. The same texture is as a good ham off the bone should be .Enjoy both hot or cold, great on a bagel with Swiss cheese, gherkins, horseradish or mustard. Alternatively, try in a salt beef sub with salt beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and mustard lightly toasted.

A real taste of a New York deli or use as you would with roast beef….. a tasty change to ham…..We put our salmon fillet in a brine for a while then slow cook with herbs and a mixture of onions, carrots, leeks and celery until ready. Hand sliced at the markets or on gold backed boards and vacuum packed. A real winner! Once you try this you will be converted.

Chilli Bites

British Biltong Company is pleased to offer our new hand-cut Hot Chilli Bites!  We use South West silverside beef, and only the salmon fillet or eye of the silverside.

For our Hot Chilli bites we use genuine imported South African Hot Chilli Bite spice mix, they are a dry biltong sold in snap sticks or dry flats. Choose from our bespoke choices on the shopping cart. We hand cut each slice, marinade for two days, then put on drying racks until ready. If you’re a lover of dry spicy biltong then look no further, it’s a great beer snack.

New Hot Chilli Bites are sold in 200g sealed bags not in one whole batch, store chilli bites in a cool dry place as you would Biltong.

Porky’s Menu

Traditional Hand Made Pork Scratchings

Traditional hand cooked British pork pork scratchings. large cuts, probably the best on the market, hand made and hand packaged. Sold in 125g single snack bags, just tear a share. Not too salty and a great beer snack, see our 5 star reviews.

Piri Piri Pork Scratchings

(Spicy Pork Scratchings)

Traditional hand cooked pork scratchings covered in a spicy hot Piri Piri dust. Piri Piri spice cuts though the normal fatty pork scratching and are sooooo! tasty if you like a bit of spice then look no further, a real winner with a good beer. made with British pork. (1 Kilo split into smaller snack size bags)

Jamaican Jerk Spiced Pork Scratching

Traditional hand cooked Pork Scratching’s covered in a authentic Jamaican Jerk spice. If you like Jerked Pork you will love these.

Biltong Off Cuts

British Biltong Company are pleased to offer our Biltong Off Cuts. A mix of both hot tong biltong, original biltong, Wild Venison biltong and jerk spiced biltong, normally dry with some fatty pieces. (1kg) off cuts contain a mix of some unsliced, and shavings. “Off cuts” are what is advertised these are off cuts from whole slabs and drier pieces, these are not freshly sliced same cost to make but only £25.00 per kilo to buy. If you like your biltong cuts quite chunky and dry with a mixture of flavours then this is for you.

Shipped in four 250g sealed bags or100g (approx.) Tear-n-Share.

Taster Pack

British Biltong Company offers a unique taster pack for those new to our products. This includes a snack bag each of our Biltong flavours, Original, Hot Tong Biltong, Wild Exmoor Venison Biltong (game), Jerk Spiced Biltong and Natural Artisan Original Biltong as well as a taster bag of Droewors in traditional, Piri Piri or garlic flavour. Traditional will be sent unless you add a change of flavour in the comments box. All bags contain 40g of product.

This tasty combination will be posted direct to your door. What a great way to experience six different taste sensations of quality air dried snacks in one TASTER PACK! Put a snack pack in your sports bag when you’re off to the game or in your pocket while out on a walk. Alternatively enjoy as a great snack with a cold beer or cider.

. Wild Venison Biltong (Game)

. Spicy hot tong  Biltong (Piri Piri)

. Original Biltong (imported South African spice)

. Original Droëwors

. New! Jamaican Jerk Spiced Biltong

. New! Artisan Original Biltong (100% Natural Biltong Spice)

Bespoke Hampers

Our Bespoke Biltong and Droëwors Hampers are available to order for all occasions, Father’s Day, Birthday’s Christmas and many more.

For more information call or email us to discuss your requirements.