Grass fed Beef

British Biltong Company uses only west country silverside beef, we buy our beef from jaspers lawnstone cornwall and stillmans of taunton, somerset

Product Information

A brief description of the varied range of high quality hand made foods now available from the British Biltong Company. Seasonal specials can include Venison and other Game Tong – please check back for availability.

The British Biltong Company produces a growing range of delicious high quality food products. Here is a list of what we currently have in production. If you would like to be kept up to date on our latest products and news, please fill in the form on our Contacts page, or when placing your next order.

Original Biltong

Our original and still our best selling product. Made from air dried Silverside Beef to a traditional South African recipe, and available in either handy 35 gram snack bags, or by the piece. Most of our Public House and Restaurant stockists keep it in the snack bag format, while our Delicatessen, Farm Shop and Fine Food retailers will often offer it in both versions. Either way a delicious alternative to most snacks available, without all the chemicals, fats, colourings etc most of us don’t want in our modern diets.

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Hot-tong Biltong

Based on our delicious Original Biltong recipe, Hot Tong offers a bit more bite! Carefully selected additional spicing of the cured meat introduces a hint of Peri-Peri and Chilli flavours that appeal to the person who likes a bit more heat in their snacks. If you are the type of person who likes a bit of extra spice in your life, Hot Tong may well be the snack of choice for you.

Exmoor Venison is supplied by Robert Hawker Venison

All our Venison is supplied by Robert Hawker of Hemyock Devon



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Boerewors & Dried Wors (Droëwors)

Our Droëwors are all 100% Beef MSG and gluten free. We blend our own spices, we do not use bought in spice mix.

We think our Droëwors will be in your top 2 bought in the UK or your money back if you don’t agree.

See our testimonials and our 5 star rating for this product.

  • Traditional
  • Piri-Piri
  • Garlic

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Boerewors Flavours

Boerewors flavours available now include:

  • Original – a traditional South African Farmers Sausage recipe with a popular following
  • Ko Wors – a delicious blend of Lamb and Beef Garlic
  • Piri-Piri – a spicier Wors that is gaining in popularity Chilli
  • Wild Venison – only avalible at the Olive tree deli , high st taunton or thurday farmers market



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South West Beef Jerky

The newest product in the British Biltong Company range, wait until you try our amazing South West Beef Jerky!
You may have tried Jerky in the past, and been put off by the thin, overly dried and fairly tasteless products which seem to be common in Britain today. That is not what we make, or sell. Jerky has a rich history, dating back in time to the Egyptians, the First Nation Tribes, and the Cowboys of the North American Wild West. Originally made as a way of preserving meat in times of no refrigeration, it has now evolved into a terrific source of pure Beef protein, and made properly the way we do it is succulent and flavourful.


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Our South West Beef Jerky starts off with the highest quality side of local Silverside Beef from here in the South West. Our secret recipe includes a rich marinade, and a carefully balanced blend of spices and herbs that will be sure to please. Our prepared Beef is then hot air dried at a carefully monitored heat, then offered to you in either Snack Bags, or loose by the 100 gramms. It is truly a taste sensation, and one you will never forget.

Chilli Bites

British Biltong Company is proud to introduce our new Chilli Bites! This delicious South West Beef sourced and cured snack is then lightly dusted with fragrant and tasty Chilli dust for a yummy snack with bite – try some today!
Our Chilli bites use genuine imported South African Chilli Bite spice mix from our South African spice importer.

New Chilli Bites are available in loose form packaged as shown on the left at only £2.50 for a delicious 50 gramm serving, great Bar Snack or anytime treat.

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