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Biltong in Afrikaans means "back strip" meaning the back strip of meat on the Kudo or impala, springbok (all South African venison) or any wild meat, .... Biltong was first made by Dutch settlers to South Africa   or the Boeres , as a way of preserving their meat going back well  over 300 years, hung in trees to dry, all though the indigenous people in Africa would have dried their meat in a similar way......  Biltong is very much an African's (south African)  or  Boere style of preserving meat in taste, texture and spices.

British Biltong Company is pleased to offer our Traditional biltong made with South African imported Spice. We use the best of local silverside beef and only the eye of the silverside or salmon fillet as its known in the trade. Marinated for2 days with traditional imported biltong spice in a secret marinade , only distilled  vineger is used, then put in our dryers until ready. This can be made to your taste, just choose your bespoke choice from the options available. We package in vacuum sealed bags for whole slabs so they won't dry out, ( we recommend leaving to stand for a little while once opened) , if you can wait!, or in perforated sleeves. Wet biltong in sealed bags wont have a long life, so just eat wet biltong, dont keep for too long, if you would like in paper bags just add to comment box "in paper", but it wont have the same shelf life as the plastic bags.

Our sliced  biltong is sent in 100g sealed bags to the weight ordered. I have been making and selling biltong to the public  for  many  years from  across 

London back in the 1980s to Exmoor now...  "Do it right or don't do it"!!    that's my motto!  .  One thing we we never say on our banner  is  our biltong is the "BEST"! as some   new to the  biltong making business say  we let our honest 5 star reviews and a quality biltong  speak for us!,   Its all about the biltong not the web site or unnecessary packaging  for B.B.CO.

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Original Biltong (Traditional Spice Mix)

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