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Hot Tong,"hot  strip" in Afrikanns", our original Biltong with a taste piri piri a blend of  African piri piri chilli and mixed herbs, garlic   to make a great tasting spicy biltong. Sold in hot or extra hot, if you want "hotter"! just ask in the comment box for "extra extra hot" (this would be a special order)  our spice mix is  Piri-piri not to be confused with peri-peri witch is a Portuguese  spice mix.   

Made from the best local silverside beef and only the salmon fillet or eye of the silverside. Marinated for two days in the walk inn { we only use distilled malt free vineger}  then put in our dryers until ready. If you like spicy biltong then look no futher. choose from our bespoke choices  for the texture you like. Sold in 100g sealed bags or perforated sleeves. sliced or whole slab.  This biltong is a best seller in the bars and pubs, great with a beer or cider and a winner at beer festivals too. " I say to bar/pub owners if you want to sell beer find a  spicy good quality snack!

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Hot Tong (Spicy Piri-Piri)

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