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Our Droëwors 100% beef, they are free from nitrates, gluten, m.s.g, and all chemicals, probably the only droewors that can make this claim.....We blend our own spices, we do not use  a bought in spice mix. And only fresh garlic ,   real chillii for the piripiri  mix .We marinate the sausage, only using malt free vinegar then hand cut into lengths, put in our dryers for 24 hours , then they are droewors! We offer a traditional, spicy piri piri or garlic flavours. Sold in 100g sleeves {approx}, wrapped twice...  Droewors should be kept in a cool dry place, or will freeze without any problems.

We think our Droëwors will be  one  your top droewors bought in the UK, if not the best! or your money back !.   I reserve the right to ask for the return of droewors order in some cases before refund will be sent.

See our testimonials and our 5 star rating for this product., ... Droewors are an air dried chipolata sausage! Droewors means "dried wors or dried sausage".

WE ARE PLEASED TO OFFER THE FIRST "PICK N MIX" DROEWORS ON THE WEB , you will get  x4 traditional, x3 garlic x3 piripiri = 10 100g  sleeves making 1 kilo.. always extra..

Half kilo pick n mix you will get 150g piripiri droewors, 150 garlic, & 200 g of traditional = 500g.

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Dried Wors menu (Droëwors)

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