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Biltong means "back strip" in Afrikaans meaning the back strip of a Springbok or any Antelope, hung in trees to dry in the sun . The British Biltong company is pleased to offer our amazing  Exmoor Venison Biltong. This is truly special for the lover of Biltong and is probably the closest to what Biltong was originally like for the people who first created i,. Made with  springbok Kudo, Imparla or any wild meat. ( i have seen  all kinds of wild meat biltong)       We use  traditional Safari  biltong spice  - a traditional  S.A spice  for this biltong. We also can use our own  Artisan 100% natural spice mix , just add comment to comment box if  you  want to swap

Exmoor Venison Biltong is made  from Exmoor red deer or fallow deer haunch  only, and only fresh meat, i think deep frozen farmed game from south Africa is o.k but you cant beat  hung for a week wild Exmoor venison, , or if your lucky enough to try fresh south African game biltong its the "real thing too"!

Exmoor venison biltong is made with attention to detail in flavouring and seasoning to make a great game biltong, we use only  wild   Exmoor venison  from our local Exmoor butcher, culled by local hunters.

Sold in 100g sealed bags or in whole slabs.

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Wild Exmoor Venison Biltong (Game)

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